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Information about University-managed accommodation and how to look into private accommodation. Tips on budgeting for bills and utilities and managing your council tax.

Please note: 'University accommodation' refers to any accommodation contracted under the University of Edinburgh Accommodation, Catering and Events (ACE).

Apply for accommodation to begin the process of moving to Edinburgh. You will only be able to apply for University accommodation once you have accepted an offer (unconditional, conditional, or insurance) to study at the University of Edinburgh.

Accommodation Guarantees

Every student living outside the City of Edinburgh is guaranteed a place to live in University-managed accommodation as long as you apply by the Accommodation Guarantee deadline. As soon as you have accepted an offer to study at The University of Edinburgh, you should apply for accommodation; this is regardless of whether your offer is Unconditional OR Conditional.  Waiting until you have an Unconditional Offer may mean you miss our guarantee deadline. 

Find out more about the outlined criteria and deadlines for Accommodation Guarantees

Find out what to do if you do not fall under the accommodation guarantee criteria 

Preparations before arriving to accommodation

Before you arrive and move into your accommodation keep updated with key moving in communications and complete your accommodation induction. 

After you have fully accepted your offer of University accommodation, you usually receive your contract and further communication via the email you used to apply with, however you should also regularly check your University email account – as often communications and offers will be sent to this address.

If you are not sure how to access your University email account, guidance can be found at the following link:

How to access and use the University's Office 365 email services

The email will provide you with details of a specific date to move into the accommodation that you have been allocated. This is the earliest date at which you can move in.

Still got a question? 

Please note that University-managed accommodation is managed separate to the University and if you have any question about your allocated accommodation, move-in times, contracts, payment details etc., please visit the Accommodation, Catering and Events website (ACE)

University Accommodation, Catering and Events website - contact page

If you do not have a guarantee or wish to not live in University-managed accommodation, you will need to find your own accommodation.

Find your own accommodation