New Students

Find your own accommodation

If you plan to live in private accommodation, it is strongly recommended that you start looking for somewhere suitable well in advance of arriving. 

The Advice Place 

The Advice Place offers a variety of services to help you find somewhere suitable in the private sector, including:

  • Finding flatmates
  • Lease checking
  • How to avoid housing scams
  • Information about tenancy types, deposits and rent guarantors

You can receive advice in person or via phone, email, or video call during opening times or by appointment.

Useful information about accommodation (The Advice Place website)

Additional costs

You will more than likely have to pay for utilities and bills on top of the cost of your rent so take this into account when planning your budget.  

Bills and utilities

Council tax

Plan your budget


Watch our short videos for further information and advice about accommodation

These short "How to" videos from 2023 cover the ways in which you can find accommodation in Edinburgh, tips on how to do this safely to avoid scams, information on joint tenancy agreements and rent guarantors and deposits.

Video: Accommodation Playlist - 'How to...' Sessions 2023
Part of the 'How to...' online sessions 2023, this playlist includes a range of videos to help new students with any questions or concerns they may have about accommodation in Edinburgh.