How to become a student representative

How to become a student representative to help give students a voice on the issues that matter and gain valuable transferable skills.

Why become a student representative? 

Becoming a programme or elected representative is a fantastic way to: 

  • Give students like you a voice on the issues that matter
  • Create a positive change at the University and beyond
  • Gain valuable transferable skills and enhance your CV

How to become a programme representative

Programme representatives are selected or elected at the start of each academic year. Your programme director or course organiser should share information in the first two weeks of semester one about how you can volunteer as a programme representative. 

If you don’t hear from them, reach out via email, or contact the Students’ Association’s Student Voice team by emailing

How to become an elected representative

To become an elected representative, you will need to stand in one of the Students’ Association’s two election cycles which take place in the autumn and spring each year. Once you’ve submitted your nomination, you will need to campaign, convincing voters that you are the best candidate for the role. If successful, you will be elected for a 12-month term.

You can find out more at the link below, or email

Students’ Association elections