Tuition fees

Tuition fees are payable for all our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Your fee status depends on whether you are from Scotland, the rest of the UK or overseas. Funding options and payment schemes may help you manage the cost. 

Undergraduate and postgraduate taught fees 

Tuition fees for full-time and part-time undergraduate degrees. This includes the fees you will pay if you are a visiting student or studying abroad. 

Undergraduate fees

Postgraduate taught fees 


Postgraduate research fees 

Tuition fees for postgraduate research degrees and higher degrees. This includes the fees that you will pay if you are a visiting student if you make thesis corrections, and if you continue to study beyond the tuition fee period. 

Postgraduate research fees 


Work out your fee status 

Before you can determine how much you will pay for your programme, you need to know your fee status. 

Discover your fee status


Paying your tuition fees 

How you pay your tuition fees depends on whether you are a self-funded, internally funded, or externally funded student. 

Paying your fees


Difficulty paying your tuition fees 

Paying your tuition fees is a legal obligation. Contact us as soon as you know there is likely to be an issue 

If you have financial difficulties before your course begins, you may want to delay the start date until you have the funds to cover your fees. Speak to your Personal Tutor, Supervisor or Director of Studies if you are considering this option. 

There are options available if you are having issues paying your fees once your course has begun. Payment plans may be available. If you are considering deferring or interrupting your studies, speak to your Personal Tutor, Supervisor or Director of Studies. 

 Contact the Finance helpline (Edhelp requires University login.)    


My Finance (was the  Finance Channel)

My finance offers access to your financial information through the MyEd online portal. It provides transaction details relating to both tuition and accommodation fees and charges, which either students or sponsors owe.