Tuition fees

Paying your tuition fees

Before paying your tuition fees, you must first complete a form registering how you will pay them. How you pay your tuition fees is dependent on whether you are a self-funded, internally-funded or externally-funded student.

Register how you will pay your tuition fees

Before paying, you need to complete a form for the Finance team, who handle fee payments. The form asks questions about the funding you have and how you plan to pay your fees. 

After you submit the form, you will be guided to a page telling you how to pay your fees.

You have to complete the form at the start of every year of your programme. This is the case whether you will pay your fees yourself, or receive funding through a scholarship or loan. 

Register how you will pay your tuition fees (secured)

Different funding types

External funding

External funding is funding received from an official institution other than the University of Edinburgh.

Types include:

  • UK government funding or a loan, through SAAS or Student Finance England/Wales/Northern Ireland
  • a loan from a UK company
  • a loan from an international company or government
  • a full or partial scholarship from an official UK or international sponsor

Pay your fees as an externally-funded student

Internal funding

Internal funding is where you receive an award or funding from the University of Edinburgh towards your tuition fees, that is not paid directly to yourself.

Pay your fees as an interally-funded student


Self-funding is where you pay for your own fees. You might pay your fees with:

  • your own money
  • money from family or friends
  • money from an external funder paid directly to you

Pay your fees as a self-funded student

Combination of funding sources

Many students have a combination of funding sources. If you have a partial loan or scholarship, you will need to pay the remaining amount of your fees to the University yourself, using one of the self-funding payment options available.

If your funding is very complex, you may need help from the Finance team to work out how to pay your fees.

Multiple funding sources or an unlisted funder

Question about paying your fees?

The Finance Helpline can help answer questions around paying tuition fees.