Tuition fees

Paying your tuition fees

How you pay your tuition fees is dependent on whether you are a self-funded, internally-funded, or externally-funded student.

Your tuition fees will need to be paid in full on or before matriculation and at the start of each new academic year thereafter.

Financial Registration Form

Complete the Financial Registration Form which will guide you to the payment option that fits with your funding:

Find the payment option that fits with your funding (financial registration form requires login)

Externally-funded students

You may be considered an externally-funded student if you are:

  • funded by a sponsor
  • receiving financial support from your government
  • receiving a tuition fee student loan

Normally you will have to apply for this type of financial help as early as possible and for each year of study. Your financial support or sponsor funding provider will provide advice.

Payment methods for externally-funded students

Internally-funded students

You may be considered an internally-funded student if you are:

  • receiving a University of Edinburgh Scholarship which is not paid directly to yourself
  • in receipt of a school or college award/scholarship which is not paid directly to yourself
  • receiving other University of Edinburgh funding which is not paid directly to yourself

Self-funded students

You may be considered a self-funded student if you are:

  • funding your own studies
  • getting financial help from family or friends
  • receiving financial assistance direct from an external funder

Self-funded students can pay online, by bank transfer, or (in some cases) instalments.

Payment methods for self-funded students

Question about paying your fees?

The Finance Helpline can help answer questions around paying tuition fees.


If you are studying at the University, you may wish to arrange for a sponsor to pay your tuition fees for you.

Who can be a sponsor and confirming your sponsorship