As an externally-funded student the process of paying your tuition fees will depend on the type of external funding you receive.

The payment of all fees and charges is always your responsibility, in accordance with the terms and conditions you signed when you accepted your offer to study.

Terms and conditions

What does externally-funded mean?

You may be considered an externally-funded student if you are:

  • funded by a sponsor
  • receiving financial support from your government
  • receiving a tuition fee student loan

Receiving funds direct from your sponsor

If you are receiving funds for your students fees direct from your sponsor then you are not considered as externally funded. Please visit our self-funded page for more information.

Self-funded student payment methods

Payment of fees is your responsibility

If your sponsor does not pay the fees invoice within 30 days of the invoice date then you will be liable for payment in full.

If you have applied for external funding but it is not confirmed when you start your programme of study, you will need to make alternative arrangements for payment. This would require you to pay your student fees like a self-funded student.

Payment processes for externally-funded students

Pay your tuition fees with UK government funding

How your fees are paid will depend on your level of study and the type of funding you have. In all cases, you will need to start the process by applying for funding.

Pay your tuition fees with an international educational loan 

If you have an international educational loan to pay for your tuition fees, then you may need to provide proof of your loan and pay for any tuition fees not covered by your funding. 

Pay your tuition fees if you have sponsorship or a scholarship

If you have an approved scholarship provider or sponsor, then it is their responsibility to pay either all or part of your tuition fees. If there are any leftover fees to pay, then you are responsible for making a payment.

Your student fees account

You can view payments that have been received for your student fees in My finance on MyEd.

View your student fees account on MyEd

Overpaying fees

Sponsors, loan providers and students must not intentionally overpay any fees, charges and costs due or send funds to us in order to obtain student living costs or circumvent any government regulation or restriction.

We must abide by UK money laundering laws. We are not able to act as a clearance account facilitating the disbursement of maintenance funds from an award or loan, except where there is an existing agreement such as disbursements through the US Federal Student Aid program.

Credit balance refund policy