Tuition fees

Confirming your fee status after you apply

Your fee status is not confirmed until after you apply for admission. Once you start studying, your fee status cannot be updated if your circumstances change.

Notifying you about your fee status

You will be notified of your fee status in your account on the University's MyEd portal. 

MyEd portal

Follow-up fee status questionnaire

If there is not enough information in your application to work out what your fee status is, you will need to complete a fee status questionnaire.

Your fee status will then be assessed based on the information that is provided in the fee status questionnaire. 

You will hear a response from us within 10 working days.  

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals

If you are from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, we will automatically ask you to fill out a fee status questionnaire. This is to make sure we assign you the correct fee status under the rules and agreements in place after Brexit.

You can read more about your fee status as an EU, EEA or Swiss national on our ‘work out your fee status’ pages.

Work out your fee status

SAAS Eligibility 

Each University within Scotland is responsible for making their own fee status assessments within their legislative frameworks. The regulations by which SAAS defines a 'home' student for funding, may differ form how the University of Edinburgh chooses to define a home student for tuition fee purposes. 

Review and appeal requests

You can ask to review or appeal your fee status if you disagree with it.

You must request a review or appeal of your fee status before accepting an offer of admission.

If you receive an offer to study at the University of Edinburgh, and we later revise your fee status based on your review or appeal request or due to changes in government guidelines, we may reassess your application. This could mean we have to withdraw your offer.

Once your programme has begun

Once your fee status has been confirmed, it applies for your entire programme and will not change. Even if: 

  • your circumstances change 

  • the fee status criteria change