Tuition fees

Authorised interruption of study

If you need to take an authorised interruption of study, our policy for postgraduate research explains the fees you will need to pay.

When you take an authorised interruption of study for a period of more than three months, tuition fees are adjusted on a proportional basis. 

Recalculating your fee

We will recalculate the fee on your invoice for the months you attended before the interruption of studies.

When you return to your studies, the remaining months for the year will be invoiced at the rate of tuition fees for the session you are returning to

Returning in the next academic session

If you return to study in the next academic session, be aware that tuition fees increase every year. As such, you may be charged a higher fee on your return to study. 

Please contact us for further information. 

Contact the Fees and Student Support Team