Tuition fees

Work out your fee status

Part of working out how much you will pay for a programme depends on knowing what your fee status is.

What is fee status?

The tuition fee you will be charged is dependent on your fee status.

We work out what your fee status is based on the information in your application about nationality and where you are ordinarily resident.


For undergraduate degrees, fee status is divided into:

  • Home (Scotland and EU)
  • Home RUK (rest of the United Kingdom)
  • Overseas/International
  • Graduate Entry (Veterinary Medicine and LLB Ordinary)
    • applicants who already hold a degree level qualification


For postgraduate degrees, fee status is divided into:

  • Home (UK)
  • EU
  • Overseas/International
  • Online Learning
    • all online learning students pay the same rate

Asylum seekers

We classify students seeking asylum from within the United Kingdom as equivalent to ‘Scottish domiciled’ for tuition fee purposes in session 2020-2021.

Asylum seeker tuition fee status and scholarship

EU students


The Scottish Government has confirmed it will meet the cost of tuition fees for eligible undergraduate EU students starting or continuing their degrees in 2020-21, for the duration of their degree programme.


Funding and tuition policy for EU students starting in academic year 2021-2022 or later has not yet been confirmed.

This is because the Scottish Government is awaiting the outcome of EU exit negotiations between the UK Government and the EU.

For more information, please refer to guidance on the SAAS website and our updates for EU applicants.

Brexit guidance on the Student Awards Agency Scotland website

Updates for EU applicants

Find out your fee status

If you are unsure about what your fee status is, visit the UKCISA website for information on the current fee status regulations.

Check the fee status guidance for studying in Scotland on the UKCISA website

Learn what the fee status terms mean

Our definition list provides the meanings of terms you will find on the UKCISA website.

Definitions of fee status terms

After you apply

Your fee status is not confirmed until after you apply for admission.

If there is not enough information in your application to work out what your fee status is, you will need to complete a fee status questionnaire.

Once you start studying, your fee status cannot be updated if your circumstances change. 

Confirming your fee status after you apply