Tuition fees

Tuition fee rates

Our policy explains undergraduate yearly fee increases, what annual programme fees cover, when you have to pay, and your responsibilities.

Annual tuition fee increase

Tuition fees increase every year in the majority of cases.

If you intend to study over additional years, you should take this annual tuition fee increase into consideration when you estimate your fees for a degree.

Fee rates for full-time International/EU nationals (from 2021/2 session) students

If you are an Overseas/International taught student studying full-time over multiple years, you will:   

  • not be affected by the annual tuition fee increase
  • be charged a fixed annual fee based on your start date 

If you are given direct entry into Year 2 or Year 3, you will be charged the same annual rate as the year group that you join.

Fee rates for UK students and EU nationals living in the UK who have been granted settled or pre-settled status through the EU settlement scheme

For undergraduate Home-Scotland/EU students, your fee rate is set by the Scottish Government.

For undergraduate Rest of UK (RUK) students, your fee rate may increase in line with inflation and is subject to government limits.

What do annual programme fees cover?

Annual programme and course fees cover:

  • matriculation
  • tuition
  • one diet of examination

This includes membership of University unions, sports facilities and other student facilities and amenities.

If you are a matriculated student who is not required to pay an annual programme or course fee, you should contact the Students’ Association about associate membership.

Contact the Students' Association

When are tuition fees charged?

Tuition fee rates apply for a full academic session beginning 1 August to 31 July in the following year.

Fees are subject to annual revision and are due at the start of Semester 1.

Paying your fees

Whose responsibility is it to pay?

The payment of fees is your responsibility as a student. If you have a sponsor who fails to pay, you will be held personally liable for payment.