Tuition fees

Asylum seeker tuition fee status and scholarship

If you are seeking asylum in the UK, we will work out your fee status based on you being a resident of Scotland. Your fee status will be 'Scotland fee rate (Asylum Seeker)'

Who this applies to

To consider you for 'home' tuition fee status, you or your parent/guardian should have already submitted a claim for asylum to the Home Office and not yet received a decision from the Home Office on that application.

Who this does not apply to

If you have already started your programme of study at the University of Edinburgh, you will not be eligible for a reassessment of your tuition fees status.

If your asylum claim has been successful and you have been granted Refugee status, you will not be eligible for an Asylum Seeker Scholarship.

What you need to do

Apply for admission

Before we can assess your tuition fee status, you should have applied for admission to a degree programme at this University commencing in 2024-2025.

Undergraduate admission

Provide a supporting statement

You will be asked to provide a supporting statement from your legal representative or the charitable body representing your case in the UK.

This supporting statement should provide details of your current immigration status and an indication of timescales for the Home Office decision on your asylum claim.

This statement should be sent by email to the Fees and Student Support team.

Email your supporting statement to

Applications will not be considered without this supporting documentation. 

Hearing back from us

You will be notified of your fee status review after we receive your supporting statement.

We will contact your representative by email before the start of each academic session asking for an update on your claim and your current immigration status.

If your status changes

If your status changes at any point prior to or during your studies, you must notify the Fees and Student Support team immediately regarding your change in status.

University of Edinburgh Asylum Seeker Scholarships

For students commencing study at the University in session 2024-2025 the University will offer up to:

  • four undergraduate scholarships (excludes students who already hold a 1st undergraduate degree)

Each scholarship will cover the 'home' rate of fee and provide living costs at the rate of £19,237 per annum.

If you are seeking asylum in the UK, we will work out your fee status based on you being a resident of Scotland. Your fee status will be 'home - Scotland'.


Further information, including application procedure can be found on the Scholarships and Student Funding webpages.

Asylum Seeker Scholarship for Undergraduates