Tuition fees

Veterinary medicine fees 2020-2021

Tuition fees for undergraduate veterinary medicine in 2020-2021.

Home students

If you already have a degree and want to study a second degree in veterinary medicine, you will be:

  • classed as a full cost student in terms of your fee status
  • charged the same annual fee rate as Overseas/International students

Annual tuition fee increase

Tuition fees increase every year in the majority of cases.

If you intend to study over additional years, you should take this annual tuition fee increase into consideration when you estimate your fees for a degree.

International full-time student fees

If you are an Overseas/International taught student studying full-time over multiple years, you will:

  • not be affected by the annual tuition fee increase

  • be charged a fixed annual fee based on your start date


 2020-2021 fees

Fee status Home - Scotland/EU Home - RUK Overseas/Full Cost
2020-2021 entry £1,820 £9,250 £32,850
2019-2020 entry £1,820  £9,250 £31,450
2018-2019 entry £1,820  £9,250  £30,800
2017-2018 entry £1,820  £9,250  £30,200
2016-2017 entry £1,820  £9,000  £29,600

 2020-2021 fees

Fee status All students
2020-2021 entry £32,850
2019-2020 entry £31,450
2018-2019 entry £30,800
2017-2018 entry £30,200


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