Tuition fees

Full-time fees for current students 2020-2021

Tuition fees for full-time undergraduate study as a continuing student in 2020-2021.

If you joined us from August 2014 onwards, you will be charged a fixed annual tuition fee for the duration of  your study. The fee will be based on your start date.

2020-2021 fees

Year of entry 2015 Entry 2016 Entry 2017 Entry 2018 Entry 2019 entry
Band 1 (Classroom) £15,850 £16,700 £17,700 £18,800 £19,800
Band 2 (Laboratory) £20,850 £21,900 £23,200 £24,600 £26,000

If you have a Home - Rest of UK fee status, your tuition fee will be based on your start date. 

2020-2021 fees

Fee status Home - Scotland/EU Home - Rest of UK
Started study on or after 1, August 2017
Started study before 1, August 2017


Medicine and veterinary medicine students

Fees for medicine and veterinary medicine are published separately:

MBChB Medicine

BVMS Veterinary Medicine

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