Tuition fees

Part-time fees 2024-2025

Tuition fees for part-time undergraduate study in 2024-2025.

Annual tuition fee increase

The tuition fees published below are for 2024-2025 only. Tuition fees for future years of study may increase. 

Home-Scotland fees are set by the Scottish Government and Home-RUK fees are set by the UK Government.

How you will be charged

You will be charged an annual tuition fee at the start of each academic year when studying this degree part-time.

2024-2025 fees

Fee status Home-Scotland Home-RUK & ROI



How you will be charged

Fees for these part-time degrees are based on our full-time fees for undergraduates. You will be charged based on the number of credits that you take. A full-time degree is equal to 120 credits.

2024-2025 fees

Fee status Home-Scotland


(starting study before 1, August 2017)


(starting study after 1, August 2017)

20 credit course £305 £1,500 £1,540
30 credit course £455 £2,250 £2,315
40 credit course £610 £3,000 £3,085
50 credit course £760 £3,750 £3,855
60 credit course £910 £4,500 £4,625
70 credit course £1,065 £5,250 £5,395
80 credit course £1,215 £6,000 £6,170

Current students

These fees also apply if you are a current student repeating a year. The amount you will be charged depends on whether you repeat a full year or repeat courses. 

Undergraduate students repeating a year


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