Self Funded

Paying in full or by instalments.

Students considered as self funded are either:

• Funding their own studies

• Getting financial help from family or friends

• Receiving financial assistance direct from an external funder for onward remittance to the University (excluding educational loans from a government agency)

Education Loans

Student fees can be paid prior to matriculation during Welcome Week and before an invoice is sent. Your fee status, for fee paying purposes, will have been notified to you when your application was received by the University and your fee status and the fee amount for your programme of study will have been included in your offer of admission. All notified fees are in sterling as this is the legal currency in Scotland.

Self funded students have a choice of payment methods and to help with non-sterling transactions the University provides payment services offering competitive exchange rates guaranteed at the time of transaction. The payments sent using these services are then given to the University in sterling. If you chose to use another method and are paying in a different currency then you must ensure enough funds are sent to cover transfer and transactional costs charged by the payment service used.

Students who are considering studying overseas, must be aware, and be willing to assume the risk, that currency exchange rates can fluctuate considerably and could result in a much higher cost of education.

Self funded students can pay in full or by instalment. First time instalment payers are required to pay 50% of the tuition fee online or by bank transfer. The links below contain detailed information or for a brief overview watch the video or download the video transcript. Please note for security reasons phone card payments is no longer provided. Payment in person is a limited service and does not make the best use of your time here at the University.

Paying Fees - Online and Bank Transfer

Your student fees account with Finance will be set up once your unconditional offer has been accepted and confirmed. Any payments received or invoices sent will then be viewable as transactions in My finance, MyEd in either current items or history.

Paying by Direct Debit instalments

The University is able to agree in most cases that tuition fees can be paid in three instalments.