As a self-funded student you can securely pay your tuition fees in full by card or by bank transfer, or in most cases we can agree for you to pay by instalments.

What does self-funded mean?

You may be considered to be a self-funded student if you are:

  • funding your own studies
  • getting financial help from family or friends
  • receiving financial assistance direct from an external funder (excluding educational loans from a government agency)

Receiving an educational loan

If you are receiving an educational loan then you are not considered to be a self-funded student.

Educational loans

Payment options for self-funded students

Please do not use third party agents or someone you do not know to transfer payments to the University of Edinburgh, this can significantly increase your risk of being exposed to financial crime, scams and fraud.

Financial crime, scams and fraud

Summary of Paying your tuition Fees - You can choose to pay in full or in most cases instalments:

Pay In Full - Pay within 30 days of receiving your invoice, If you have already paid a deposit remember to deduct the amount previously paid - Please see link Pay your tuition fees in one payment for further information. 

Pay Instalments - Complete the recurring card mandate within 7 days of receiving your invoice - Please see link Pay your tuition fees by instalment for further information.  Any module or individual course fees must be paid as soon as possible and before the start date of your course. You cannot pay these as instalments. 

Payment by the Recurring Card method for tuition fee instalment due on the 3rd of April 2024 will be automatically taken by the University from your card provided on this date, Do not make any other form of payment method against this instalment 7 days prior to this date to prevent being charged twice.

Pay your tuition fees in one payment

To pay your tuition fees for a full academic year in one payment, you will need to pay online either by card, bank transfer or online payment platform.

Pay your tuition fees by instalment

To pay your tuition fees by instalment you will need to set up a Recurring Card Payment (RCP). This allows us to take payments on three fixed dates for each academic year of your studies. You do not need a UK bank account to set up an instalment plan.

Your student fees account

We will set up your student fees account in My finance once your unconditional offer has been accepted and confirmed. You will be able to use My finance to view payments we receive from you and invoices we send to you.