Living in Edinburgh

With one of the best universities in the world, Edinburgh also tops the list for atmosphere, positive reputation and desirability, beating off competition from London and York. The capital also fairs well in terms of cultural experience, safety for visitors, cuisine and variety of shops

What you should do if you need to self-isolate

Guidance on what you should do if you need to self-isolate or have symptoms of Covid-19


To make the most of your time at university take part in sport or volunteer, find things to do in Edinburgh or start a charity appeal. Find listings of sports clubs, entertainment and things to do.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

The University of Edinburgh is committed to being a world leader in addressing global challenges including poverty, climate change and the growing demand for energy, food and water.


Everything you need to know about finding perfect student accommodation plus support and advice for those who are already staying in our student accommodation.

Transport and getting around

Although many of the University's building are located centrally, some campuses are on the outskirts of the city of Edinburgh. Find out how to travel to these locations.

International Students

What is it like for an international student to live in Edinburgh? Immerse in the culture and connect with other students by joining Edinburgh Buddies. Get help with visa and passport issues.


Find childcare in or near your place of study. The Kings Buildings offers its own childcare service but there are many registered nurseries across the city of Edinburgh.