The student contract

Successful study at University stems from a partnership between students and staff, and the University is committed to providing you with a learning environment and student services which enable you to fulfil your potential.

Underpinning this partnership, the University has a supportive set of regulations, policies and procedures.

These, along with the Terms and Conditions, form the contract between you and the University in relation to your studies at the University.

Latest version of the Terms and Conditions

The University’s key documents are on this page - however, there will be other University policies on specific issues, and your School or College may have additional rules, policies and procedures.

You should familiarise yourself with these documents, particularly those that are most likely to be relevant to you.

Academic Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures

The University’s Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study set out the structure and content of programmes and courses, along with the degree regulations that apply to them. The Taught Assessment Regulations and Postgraduate Assessment Regulations for Research Degrees set out how assessment operates.

Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study

Assessment regulations

The University has a range of other academic policies, procedures, codes of practice, and guidance. These cover areas such as special circumstances, requirements for the submission of PhD theses, and withdrawal and exclusion from studies.

Policies, Regulations and Codes of Practice


The University has specific processes for dealing with instances of academic misconduct, including plagiarism and cheating.

Academic misconduct (including plagiarism)

Academic appeals

If you are considering submitting an academic appeal, you are strongly encouraged to get advice from Edinburgh University Students’ Association.

Appeals procedure

Students' Association Advice Place - academic appeals

Policies and Procedures governing student behaviour

All Students must adhere to the University's Code of Student Conduct, and the associated policies.

Code of Student Conduct

The Support for Study policy offers an alternative to disciplinary action when your behaviour may be affected by health conditions or disabilities.

Other University Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures

Equality and Diversity

Library and Computing regulations

These regulations govern the use of all library, computing, network and other information services.

Information Services regulations

Accommodation policies

Policies, guidelines, and terms and conditions relating to student accommodation. Note that if you are in student accommodation you will have signed a separate contract with the University.

Accommodation policies

Tuition fees policies

Information about the University’s tuition fee policies, including the University policy on the collection of tuition fees and other charges, and on student debt.

Tuition fees - general information

Tuition fees - policies on collection of fees and financial difficulty

Tuition fees - credit balance refunds

Email communication

It is the University policy to use students’ University email address as an official method of communication. The University will also share your University email address with student representatives (eg class representative).

How we use information about you

Information about how we use personal data about you and who we share it with.

Privacy statement for applicants

Privacy statement for students 

Learning Analytics Principles and Purposes

Students with study visas

Tier 4 / Student Visas apply a range of rights, responsibilities and restrictions on students, including requirements to attend and engage with your studies.

Rights, responsibilities and restrictions for Tier 4/Student Visa students

Tutoring and Demonstrating

Many postgraduate research students work part-time as tutors and demonstrators, though the availability of opportunities for tutoring and demonstrating varies between subject areas. The University has a policy setting out how students working as tutors and demonstrators will be supported, and the limits on the number of hours that full-time postgraduate research students can work.

Policy for the Recruitment, Support and Development of Tutors and Demonstrators

Withdrawal and Exclusion

What to do if you wish to leave the University voluntarily, and the circumstances in which a student can be required to leave the University permanently.

Complaints procedures

You should take the matter up with the area concerned in the first instance, as often problems are resolved more quickly and effectively with those directly involved. If you remain unhappy, you can submit a formal complaint to the University. You can also get useful advice from the Edinburgh University Students’ Association Advice Place.

Student Complaint Procedure

Students' Association Advice Place - Complaints

School and College Policies

Your School and College may have additional rules, policies, and procedures regarding your programme of studies, or other aspects of University life. These are often communicated via course and programme handbooks or School and College websites.

School and College websites

Archive versions of regulations, policies and procedures

If you require a version of a specific regulation, policy or procedure from a previous academic year, please contact: 

Got a question?

If you need help or advice with any issues regarding the University’s rules, regulations, policies and procedures contact your Personal Tutor, your School’s Student Support Team, the Students’ Association Advice Place, Student Information Point team or the relevant support service.

Students' Association Advice Place

Student Information Points