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Code of Student Conduct

What is covered by the Code of Student Conduct and how the University investigates conduct cases.

The Code of Student Conduct sets out how you are expected to behave and the procedures the University uses to resolve matters when student behaviour is unacceptable. The Code of Student Conduct applies to all students of the University.

Support for Study

The Support for Study policy is a supportive way of assisting students whose behaviour gives cause for concern. It offers an alternative to disciplinary action when a student's behaviour may be affected by health conditions or disabilities.

Information on Support for Study.

Investigating student conduct

Right of appeal

You have the right to appeal the decision of the Student Discipline Officer or the Student Discipline Committee. You must appeal within ten working days of the decision being issued. Appeals are submitted to the Secretary of the University's Appeal Committee and must be made on specific grounds. These are detailed in the Code of Student Conduct, Appeals section. You are encouraged to get in touch with The Advice Place who can provide you with support and independent advice on your appeal.

Advice for students

We recommend that you seek advice from The Advice Place, which is run by Edinburgh University Students’ Association. The Academic Advisers at the Advice Place are professional staff who are experienced in the University’s student conduct process.

The Advice Place