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Requesting an investigation

Information about the student conduct process, including how to request an investigation, what to expect during the process, and sources of support.

The Code of Student Conduct is the process through which the University can investigate possible student misconduct, and if appropriate take disciplinary action against students.

The guidance below may be useful if you are considering whether or not to request that the University investigates the behaviour of another student under the Code of Student Conduct. It is also provided for students who are currently involved in an investigation as a ‘Reporting Party’: this means, the person who has made the report of misconduct.

This guidance is a high level summary of the procedure that the University will follow. You should always refer to The Code of Student Conduct which sets out the conduct process in detail. If you are involved in an investigation, you will be provided with detailed guidance at each stage of the process.

The Code of Student Conduct

During an investigation, the University can take action to reduce risks to students who are Reporting Parties, if this is urgent and necessary. Examples of possible actions include prohibiting a student who is under investigation from contacting another student, or prohibiting a student who is under investigation from accessing part or all of the University campus. This is called a precautionary suspension and further information is provided below.

There are support services in the University who can support you during the process, and who can help you decide whether or not a University investigation would be the right option for you. They can also provide advice on alternatives to the University conduct process. You can find more information by following the link below.

Advice and Support

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Requesting an investigation 

Precautionary action 

During the conduct process 

After the conduct process