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Rent Guarantor Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to enable University of Edinburgh students to rent private accommodation that may not otherwise be available, because a UK-based rent guarantor is required. The scheme has up to 100 places and is open only to overseas and EU students, and in exceptional circumstances to UK students where no UK guarantors are available.

This scheme is open to full-time students matriculated onto a degree programme at the University of Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh will charge an administration fee of £30 for the scheme. This fee is only payable when you are accepted on to the scheme.


The Scheme is open to overseas and EU students and in exceptional circumstances to UK students where no alternative UK guarantors are available. e.g. care-leavers, students who are estranged from their family, and other exceptional circumstances. 

The University is prepared to act as Rent Guarantor for rent payable under a Short Assured Tenancy or Private Residential Tenancy if you do not have a UK guarantor. This is provided should you:

  • have no debts to the University of Edinburgh
  • have satisfactory academic standing
  • be able to demonstrate that you have the finances in place to maintain your rent payments during the tenancy
  • be able to provide a satisfactory accommodation reference either from the University's Accommodation Services or the landlord with whom you are currently renting from (if applicable).

Please note that the University reserves the right to postpone the processing of your application if you have a history of repeat studies or re-sits until such time as we are satisfied that you will be able to progress with your studies.

Tenancies subject to a 'joint and several' liability contract cannot be considered, unless all named tenants are eligible and applying to the scheme.

What does the guarantee cover?

The guarantee will cover rent only and the University will limit the amount it will agree to guarantee. For the 2019-2020 academic session the limit will be £137.50 per week/ £550 per calendar month. The University will only guarantee a tenency agreement for a maximum of 12 months. Should you wish to remain in the property after 12 months, you would have to reapply to the scheme. 

How does the scheme work?

Under this scheme, you will pay rent directly to the landlord or your agent/landlord in the normal way. If you require the university to pay your rent, you must promptly notify the Scholarships and Student Funding Services Manager by e-mail (, stating the reasons for the non-payment along with the amount due and the due date, so that arrangements can be made to pay the rent on your behalf.

Landlords must also notify the Scholarships and Student Funding Services Manager by e-mail if the rent is two months in arrears. (

The University of Edinburgh would expect the landlord to have first approached you for the rent before asking for payment from us. We would also expect that you would promptly approach us to ask for advice and support if you are struggling to pay your rent.

For students covered by this scheme, we would advise you to pay your rent directly to the landlord or letting agent, rather than through another flatmate. This will provide a clear record of your monthly rent payments and will ensure that the rent that you pay reaches your landlord without any delays.

Application procedure

Please note that all supporting documents are required to enable us to process your application. 

The first thing that you should do is to find and secure a room or flat. You should then complete the rent guarantee application form and submit it along with the required supporting documents in order to be considered under this scheme.

You will be required to submit:

  • evidence of future funding to demonstrate that you have the funding in place to cover your rent for the coming year
  • your last three months bank statements (for all accounts)
  • an official reference letter from the University's Accommodation Services (if you stayed in University accommodation during the previous year) or the landlord with whom you rented during the previous year
  • dates of the proposed tenancy
  • terms and conditions of the lease

We do not require a formal lease at the point of applying to the scheme. If you are accepted onto the scheme, we will request a copy a signed copy of the lease from you at that time.

You should submit your application form and supporting documentation to the Scholarships and Student Funding Team. We will only accept electronic copies, please ensure you send all supporting documents in a PDF format, please e-mail and ensure you attach your application form and all relevant documents.



When it has been agreed to support an application, you will be required to pay an annual administration fee of £30. Once this has been received, a rent guarantee agreement will be drawn up which the University will require you to sign confirming your responsibility for rent owed and paid by the University on your behalf.

How/when do I repay any rent to the University of Edinburgh?

If the University of Edinburgh is required to pay rent on your behalf, the University will invoice you and the debt will be added to your University account.

Appeals process

If your application to be considered under this scheme is rejected and you disagree with this decision, you will be entitled to appeal in writing to Mr Gavin Douglas, the Deputy Secretary - Student Experience who is responsible for handling the final appeal. (Email Melissa Dowdeswell, PA to Gavin Douglas - Students will be required to clearly indicate how they believe an incorrect decision has been made. You will be informed of the outcome of your appeal within seven working days.

EUSA Advice Place staff will be able to advise you as to whether or not you have sufficient grounds to request a review.

Who to contact

For further information about the Rent Guarantor Scheme, please contact:

Scholarships and Financial Support Team

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