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Media Hopper Replay

The Universities Lecture Recording service is called Media Hopper Replay. It is available in most of our largest teaching spaces and will be available in over 250 teaching spaces for the 2018/19 academic year.

 Getting started with Media Hopper Replay

Which rooms are Media Hopper Replay enabled

Using Media Hopper Replay in 2018/2019

Information for staff about the University’s Lecture Recording Service, consent for use of intellectual property and privacy statement.

Help and Support

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Help and support to help staff and students use Media Hopper Replay including guides and videos.


Frequently asked questions on How to use Media Hopper Replay, Media Hopper Replay Hardware and the Lecture Recording Programme.

Privacy Statement

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Privacy Statement relating to Media Hopper Replay


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Details of the lecture recording training programme for staff.

Availability and Entitlement

An overview of where Media Hopper Replay is installed, who can use it and how to request use of the service.

Accessibility and Lecture Recording

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Find out how lecture recording can support accessible and inclusive learning.

For further information please contact the IS Helpline