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Student Partnership Agreement

About the Student Parternship Agreement at the University of Edinburgh.

About the Agreement

Students and staff at the University of Edinburgh share many goals. The Student Partnership Agreement states how the Edinburgh University Students’ Association and the University are working in partnership to enhance the student experience. The Student Partnership Agreement is reviewed annually and the priorities are agreed in consultation with students and staff.

The University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh University Students’ Association have enjoyed a long and productive partnership. This agreement builds on the strength of that partnership. It highlights how the wider University, including all students and staff, can effectively work together to enhance the student experience. It sets out our values, our approach to partnership and the priorities we have agreed to work on together.

Student Partnership Agreement small project funding

In order to support the Student Partnership Agreement, the University provides modest funding for student-staff collaborative projects each year.

These projects focus on trying to make progress against the priorities set out in the Student Partnership Agreement. More information is available about the Student Partnership Agreement Funding is on the IAD's funding webpages:

Student Partnership Agreement Small Project Funding - find out more

If you would like to find out more about the Student Partnership Agreement, please contact Dr Catherine Bovill, Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement, Institute for Academic Development. 

Dr Catherine Bovill

Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement

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