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Childcare Fund

Means-tested Childcare funds are available for students using registered childcare in the academic year 2020/21. The funds are provided by the Scottish Government and awards are made at the discretion of the University on a case-by-case basis.

Childcare support packages help with the cost of formal registered childcare expenses for dependent children, including: 

  • child-minders
  • after school clubs
  • day care
  • sitter services
  • providers of pre-school education 

Childcare costs are capped at a maximum as per the table below:

Maximum costs Single Child More than 1Child
Per month £780 £1,200

Welfare Advisors at the EUSA Advice Place are available to answer your questions and provide support for your application. We recommend contacting a Welfare Advisor before completing the form  Advice Place Contacts. Eligibility


These awards are available to all eligible full-time UK undergraduate students, and to eligible full-time UK postgraduate students in receipt of tuition fee loan support from SAAS.

EU/Overseas students, PhD students and part-time postgraduate students are not eligible to receive childcare funds.

Students categorised as "Exam Only" are also not eligible to apply for these funds.


Before applying for assistance from the Childcare Fund, you are expected to have checked that you are receiving your full entitlement to state benefit payments including child benefit, tax credits, income support and housing benefit. You will be asked to provide this documentation with your application.  You will be required to have your Childcare Provider complete Childcare Provider Declaration Form.



The completed form must be uploaded during the application process.  If you have children who are in different providers we will require each provider to complete the form. 

If you are from Scotland and are a lone parent, you must have applied for the Lone Parent Childcare Grant from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

The EUSA Advice Place can also provide advice on entitlement and making an application. 

Application - please click here to use our online form

Your application will be  logged in our call management system and you receive a call number.  We would ask that you please refrain from sending duplicate e-mails, if you need to add to your original e-mail please use the call link you will receive by return email on submission of your form.  We are aware of the urgency of your application and will ensure we deal with the application as quickly as possible.

Assessment of application

Once your application is received, the fund administrators will consider your case by looking at your income and expenditure with any extenuating circumstances taken fully into account.

 This assessment normally takes about 20 working days, after which the administrators will write to you to inform you of their decision.

If your application is successful, it can take up to 10 working days for payments to be processed.

Payment of award

 Payment will be made directly you to your bank account via BACS. You are responsible for paying the provider directly. The University is not responsible any non-payment or late payment of childcare fees. Any fees fraudulently collected will reported.


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