Student Mental Health Strategy

Student Mental Health Strategy 2021-2026

Good mental health is essential to students’ academic success and to their participation in a high quality and rewarding student experience. Empowering students to participate in maintaining and improving their mental health sets the foundation not only for academic success, but also to support self-esteem, personal resilience and self-confidence, with increased ability to sustain good mental health throughout life.

Our vision is for the University to be an environment which enables and supports our students to flourish.

Our Student Mental Health Strategy will focus on four priority areas for the University: Leadership; Mental Health Promotion; Mental Health Support; and Impact.

Collaborative leadership and effective governance is key in supporting student mental health and wellbeing.

Promoting positive wellbeing and raising awareness of issues that impact our student population is key in helping us to foster healthy attitudes towards mental health. 

We recognise that University can be challenging and overwhelming at times, and we want students to be able to access the support they need.

We are continuously reviewing and evaluating the mental health support we offer to our students.

We want to create a safe and all inclusive environment that enables you to flourish.

Introductory statement from the Principal on our Mental Health Strategy.

Find out more about the services and support available to students.