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Lunchtime Seminar - Sprint to Success

Reflecting on the first EdWeb code sprint this summer, this seminar will look at how the growing community of developers around the University's new CMS was brought together, and the plans to sustain it.

IS Applications Division run a programme of Lunchtime Seminars to update colleagues and share information on what we do and the services we provide. This next seminar, Sprint to Success: How the University's developer community can contribute to our services will be jointly led by Mairi Fraser and Bruce Darby on Thursday 3rd November from 12.30pm.

What's it about?

In July, IS Applications and LTW jointly ran the first EdWeb code sprint, where a group of more than a dozen developers from around the University came together to work on bug fixes and new features for EdWeb.  The code sprint was a great success, and the changes contributed on that day were ultimately deployed to the live EdWeb service in August.

In this session, we will talk about why the service owner chose to support these code sprints in the first place, how we organised the code sprint and ran things on the day, what we learned from the experience, and how the code sprint has furthered our goal of developing a strong development community around EdWeb.

We will also talk about how we plan to build upon this collaboration, and how aspects of our approach might be taken on more widely to allow other services to benefit from this kind of community collaboration.


 The event will take place in Godfrey Thomson's Hall, Thomson's Land, Holyrood Campus (Moray House) - a sandwich lunch will be provided from 12:30pm, with presentations and a Q&A running from 12:45-13:45. Spaces can be booked via this link

Future Seminars

More information on our Lunchtime Seminar programme, with details of current/previous events and provisional dates for further seminars in 2016 can be found at the following Wiki page: