Information Services

Document Management Delivered for IS HR team

The project to implement a document management solution for IS HR has now been completed. There was a requirement to provide a secure, paper-free solution to storing IS HR Personal Records.

This has been a very successful project delivering a user friendly system in a very short time frame. One of the key learning points was to ensure that colleagues from HR were consulted at a very early stage on the design of the solution and ensure that what the project delivered as tailored to the business processes. Moving from a paper based filing system to a digital solution is a huge change in working practices. In order to deliver this project successfully it was a necessity that both the business and technical team members were fully committed to the project. All of the project team bought into the objectives, this played a large part in the on-time delivery.  

Scanning the documents was another positive lesson learnt. We chose DDSR, a company that already works closely with other areas of the University. This proved to be a good choice with the end to end process of delivery of empty crates through to secure delivery the scanned images, tested early on in the project. All the paper documents were collected as agreed with delivery of the scans also completed within the agreed timescales.