Information Services

Clearing 2018 - Another Succesful Year

Our Clearing project has successfully delivered for the 3rd year in a row

The Clearing 2018 project has now been closed after being deployed in August.  Across SQA and A level Clearing days, the call centre dealt with over 2,000 calls. The Project Sponsor has reported the project as a success due to the "commitment, expertise, professionalism and good humour" of those involved. The project team worked extremely well together and areas for improvement identified at the end of the 2017 project were implemented and well received. 

This was the third year the project has taken place and it continues to grow and develop as the requirements and scope evolve.  For 2018 there was a change in location for the call centre with a move from George Square to Argyle House being delivered.  There was also significant developments to the Project SharePoint site and online forms for call handlers which improved the continuity of the process  and the potential students experience.  Before closure the project identified a number of additional areas for potential inclusion in the scope for the 2019 projects and further areas for development.  These included; process improvements,  back end online forms and marketing opportunities.