Information Services

Planning for a better supported Industrial Relationship Management

The University Industrial Relationship management (IRM) strategy is to be brought under a new centrally managed service to allow for better user support.

IRM refers to how the University engages with industry, including through research collaborations and spin-off companies. Currently, the University does not have a common, centralised IRM process, meaning that separate sections manage their own service.

As part of the ISG “CRM by Function” approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems development, Edinburgh Innovations (EI) is leading on the development of the Industry Relationship Management (IRM) System.

Already implemented in the Principal’s Office, across all the Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Hubs, other nodes on external engagement and of course EI itself, the IRM enables University wide management of communications and reporting of activity with key corporate accounts and public sector partners.

IRM use will grow to include additional user groups which require its adoption as a core University system and tool. A recently closed project has planned for how this common, centrally managed IRM service can be delivered, involving Information Services and Edinburgh Innovations working closely together on the IRM Service Design and a Responsibility Assignment (RACI) matrix. These outline the different roles involved and their respective responsibilities in implementing and running the new, centrally managed service. The agreed hybrid IRM Management model will feature IRM Service (by ISG) and Business management (by EI).

Users would follow a common project-based approach of recording and reporting, and by following the same process, knowledge and experience can be shared between users. This will improve service within the University and to external partners. Having a centralised support service would also allow for professional and secure service management.