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Saving Salter’s Duck: How we’re building better digital preservation

Rubber Duck
A collaborative effort across ISG has been launched to bring new life to a rather special “duck” and invaluable work of University of Edinburgh staff, as a legacy web service is set to be decommissioned.

Welcome to the IRM: Trio of new teams and partners onboarded

Welcome sign
A trio of new departments and partners are joining the University of Edinburgh’s hugely successful Industry Relation Management (IRM) system, which is boosting the ways they work, cooperate and drive innovations.

Helping hand for students: Improvements to coursework Extensions and Special Circumstances system

Calendar with date circled
Even more enhancements have been added to the University of Edinburgh’s Extensions and Special Circumstances (ESC) system to support students with their coursework assignments.

University earns £22.6m in 2021 with the help of the IRM

St Leonard's Land on Holyrood Road houses the Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences
The University of Edinburgh’s innovative and dynamic relationship management system is helping to secure millions of pounds in business opportunities and revolutionise the way its departments and partners work.

Vets and ISG team up to fundraise for Ukraine

Ukraine flag
Staff from across the University of Edinburgh have come together to support the people of Ukraine and help with fundraising efforts.

Update for the old, in with the new: HR and Payroll System Annual Maintenance success

You'll have heard about the highly successful transition to People and Money for April's payroll run. But in order to make that work Applications Directorate and Finance had to do a last round of updates to the old system to ensure the University met legislative and HMRC requirements, and reduce the risk of any security breaches, in the lead up to the deployment of the new People and Money system.

Top marks for EUCLID changes

Students working in the DHT Hub in George Square, Central Campus
Key changes have been made to the University of Edinburgh’s Student Systems to help staff and students publish and access their assessment and course results.

Making business information reporting better and more secure than ever

Man working on tablet computer
The University of Edinburgh’s primary information reporting and analysis tool is set to be enhanced to boost usability, security, and bring new features online.

Core Systems strategies to boost University service approved

Team meeting of staff with laptops and presentation from woman with post-it notes
A raft of strategies for key areas in the University of Edinburgh’s services and systems have been approved by the Knowledge Strategy Committee.

‘Exceptional’ student staff member will be hugely missed as she embarks on new career

An incredibly hardworking and talented member of the Information Services (ISG) team is heading off to take on new challenges in the legal profession after more than two and half years working in the department.