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Project, service and people news from Applications Directorate.

Information Services Group Launches Project to Replace Visitor Registration System

students register on computers
The University’s Information Services Group (ISG) looks to support replacement of the Visitor Registration System (VRS) with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Phishing Detection Tools Wins University Digital Education Hackathon

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University of Edinburgh Informatics student succeeds in Edinburgh Digital Hackathon with support from the Information Services Group.

EUCLID, the Student Record system, is being enhanced

This new project will fix existing issues in the student record system EUCLID. Staff in Student Systems Operations spend a significant amount of time correcting data issues caused by broken processes or failed automation. The plan is to pass more processing over to Schools, but this will only be possible if the issues are resolved.

Jira annual upgrade successfully completed

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Each year we undertake a project to upgrade our project tracking, development and issue management tool Jira. The annual upgrade ensures that we are using the most recent supported version and can take advantage of newly released features and integrations with other Atlassian products. 

Unibuddy - An online platform that enables prospective students to chat with student ambassadors

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A pilot has recently been launched to coincide with clearing. A Service Management team has been established along with profiles and links to twenty six student ambassadors, accessible via UCAS and the Edinburgh University web-site.

Virtual platform for large events

Contract signed with Eventsair for provision of digital platform for hosting large online events

Annual registration project introduces new online registration for students

Registration landing page
The new annual registration process involves all students registering online each year to complete matriculation, providing many benefits for students and staff.

Managing end of life of EUCLID physical servers

The server hosting the student records EUCLID database is being moved from physical servers to Virtual Machine  The scope of this project is to move the EUCLID Streams to Virtual Machine. Streams are used to feed all downstream systems off EUCLID. This will be followed by another project for moving the database to VM after the next student records software upgrade in 2021.

Project assesses accessibility of Applications Directorate sites

A review of websites and applications under the Applications Directorate has identified sites which will have their accessibility and statements updated, as part of a current project.

Migration project aims to improve language administration software

CLASS, the software used to manage English language placements for visiting students, is being migrated to a cloud server, as part of a current project.