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Two Days to Go! Join the Staff Formula 1 Prediction Challenge

Staff in the Information Services Applications Directorate are invited to join the annual Formula 1 prediction challenge.

Formula One 2023 Staff Comp

The first Formula 1 race of 2023 is this Sunday March 5th and staff in the IS Applications Directorate are encouraged to enter their predictions into a friendly competition that takes place every year.

Taking part is easy and even casual race fans are sure to enjoy the social aspect of this competition between colleagues seeking to record the most accurate predictions.

  • Simply nominate for each race who you think who will end up on the podium and at what position (after Stewards enquiries etc).
  • You can change your choices for each race and it's possible to predict them in advance if you are going to be away
  • Even if you don’t remember to send in your selection for each race, you will still score points as we will simply use your previous race’s prediction.

You score points based on where your drivers end up in the top ten (even if they don’t make the podium they can still score you points) with bonus points for fastest lap or getting their podium place exactly right. At the send of the season whoever has scored the most posts for their predictions wins the Championship!

There is ZERO cost to join and take part after all it’s just a bit of fun.  The Formula 1 season lasts from March 5th to November 26th 2023.

Last year 10 people participated in the long running staff Formula 1 Prediction Challenge Competition and predictions were close between colleagues throughout the season. The competition is currently open to new and returning entrants - get in touch before Friday the 3rd of March to participate.


Join the 2023 Formula 1 Prediction Challenge

Simply email Douglas Adamson with your predictions for the first race