Information Services

Finance system upgraded for better security

The Finance Process Manager (FPM) system was successfully upgraded to improve security against cyber-attacks, as well as providing additional benefits.

It was decided to upgrade the system following security penetration testing (PEN testing), which involved the simulation of cyber-attacks to identify any risks to system security. The testing was carried out by Secarma, a cyber-security organisation.

The system was successfully upgraded with minimal downtime, and resolved the issues identified by the PEN testing process. The upgrade also supplied additional benefits in the form of a range of fixes for issues which had been identified in earlier versions of FPM.

The upgraded system is also consistent with the performance level of the previous version, meaning that the benefit of additional security protection is delivered without compromising system functionality.

The project continues the University’s successful relationship with Advanced Computer Software Group, whom supply the FPM system as part of the wider eFinancials software suite.