Information Services

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) set up project has started.

The EDW project (DTI006) has been approved as part of the Digital Transformation Initiative, and will create a repository that can provide the data and information needed by decision makers across the University.

The EDW will give a consistent view of data across multiple sources, and adhere to uniform data definitions.

This is inline with our Business Intelligence / Management Information (BI/MI) strategy, our reference architecture and the growing requirement for evidence-based planning and decision making.

The project will follow on from the recent and successful delivery of a proof-of-concept and will be concerned with the delivery of a ‘live’ EDW platform, together with an appropriate IS support organisation.

This is a key building block and an absolute pre-requisite for all later business focussed BI/MI projects.

For more information, please contact Chris Lawford, Project Services, Applications Division. (