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ISG Applications and the Student Timetabling Unit makes a strong partnership for service excellence

Exam schedules now available across a range of devices

The partnership between ISG Applications and the University Timetabling Unit is not the only partnership on campus but it’s certainly proven to be a strong one. It has delivered a significant improvement to the student experience through the deployment of a ‘fit for purpose’ service to students, who now get up-to-date personalised exam schedules across all their devices. 

Staff who have been instrumental in the success of this improvement to the student experience welcome this latest acknowledgement in the recent service excellence article:  


Digital exam timetabling passes first test 

‘…Personalised exam timetables at their fingertips on their Office 365 devices, on campus, at home or on the move. The system was piloted during August resits and successfully used for the first time in December 2018. ‘ 


More details here 

This personalised student service will be extended out to all student timetables from the summer of 2019.