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Getting ready to deploy our new Student/Alumni Platform

The project to deploy the University's new Student/Alumni platform is now under way

This project is the follow-on to USG005, which evaluated and procured a solution for the Student Alumni Community Networking Platform. With the selection/procurement complete, and the purchase and proposed adoption of a networking platform finalised, this project will oversee all the elements of the deployment of the chosen product into Live and cover the variety of management perspectives that are interested in the deployment of the platform and its gradual adoption by the variety of audiences that it is designed for.

Once the platform has been launched, the project team will be involved in the monitoring of the launch and managing feedback from audiences/users. It is also planned that the benefits expected will be measured as part of the ongoing management of the platform, and while this will be beyond the time limits of this project, planning for the identification and management of benefits will be included in the current scope.