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5 New Microsoft Updates Coming to You

These are some of the newest features being rolled out across Microsoft Outlook and Teams this Summer.

Sharon Chen, Online and Digital Events Service Assistant in the Applications Directorate, has rounded up five new updates coming to Microsoft Outlook and Teams.

Scheduling Poll in Outlook

The Scheduling Poll feature is a tool that assists the organizers and attendees of a meeting in voting on the best date and time to meet. This saves time coordinating schedules across different diaries and companies because anyone invited will be able to vote, including those using non-Microsoft account. This feature has begun rollout and will appear in your Outlook account soon. 

Scheduling Poll Feature

For a how-to video and further information on the new Scheduling Poll, read more here

Add Pronouns to Your Profile Card

Users are now able to add, change, or delete pronouns on their profile in Outlook on the web and Teams. Users can choose whether or not to use the pronouns feature.

Video: How to add pronouns in Microsoft
For support and further information about using this feature read more here.

For support and further information about using this feature read more here.

Microsoft Teams updates rolling out in mid-June:

Shuffle Feature in Breakout Rooms

Meeting organizers, co-organizers or Breakout Room managers will soon be able to use the new Shuffle capabilities to:         

  • Randomly assign participants to breakout rooms—before or during the meeting
  • Shuffle > Everyone or Shuffle > Only unassigned participants to evenly re-distribute participants to existing rooms.
Shuffle Feature

Click here to find out more about using breakout rooms in Teams meetings.

New setting Live Captions in Meetings

The ‘Live Captioning’ feature - which displays a live feed of text as a person speaks – will soon make several new features available. Organisers will be able to chose to: change the spoken language, change caption language, adjust colors, height, position, and font size of the text.

Live Caption Feature

Click here for more information on using live captioning in Teams meetings.

Search Within Chats and Channels Made Easier

A new search experience will allow users to search key words in a specific chat or channel, reaching relevant results faster. Key enhancements include:        

  • Keyboard shortcut: Users can see the chat/channel list and search results in one single view by using keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+F (on Windows devices) or Cmd +F (on Mac devices).
Search in chat





  • Find in Channel - users can also click ‘Find in Channel’ to initiate contextual search               
Find in channel








Read more about the search feature here.

Images and video courtesy of Microsoft.