Information Services

EUCLID Performance & Load Testing Completed

This year's project completed successfully, having achieved all of the major objectives, deliverables and success criteria.

There had been concerns that the EUCLID application may not perform acceptably at the start of the academic year, and that it may not perform adequately for Admissions later in the year. We have experienced performance issues for Admissions staff since January and there have been reports that the student hub is ‘slow’. Users were concerned that these symptoms are indicators that we may also have performance problems at the start of the year.

Over the last twelve months many changes have happened to both the EUCLID infrastructure and the EUCLID software, including a database upgrade, new application infrastructure, EUCLID upgrade, the roll out of new functionality and regular software patches from TRIBAL. We also now have a regular schedule of coporate server patching 4 times a year, which is a change within the last year. 

The aim of this project was to ensure that we have acceptable performance for key EUCLID processes during the start of term 2016 and ongoing. This aim was met by the project, and we are pleased to report that the improvements sought by the project have been delivered.

Plaese contact Morna Findlay for further information.