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MBChB extend use of new assessment tool Practique for Objective Structured Clinical Examination

Project MVM129 delivers a major milestone, golive for Year 6 OSCE

The project team (academics, assessment team, MVM IT and the PM) have extended the use of Practique which was introduced in 2017 for MBChB written exams to now also cover Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) assessments. See news item below for the original delivery:-                                                                        

Following a successful pilot in late 2018, the project focused on ensuring Practique was able to support as many existing processes as possible, thereby reducing any unnecessary overheads. Consequently, several updates were introduced by Fry-IT to the product and the project team tested the new releases in preparation for golive supporting Year 6 finals which commenced on Tuesday Feb 19, 2019.

This means that MBChB are now running all their assessments via Practique, developing analysis of question and answer performance, reduced OSCE preparation effort significantly, reducing impact of human error and extending the types of questions included. It’s been a very successful couple of years.