Information Services

Python Upgrade Project Slithers to Success

Upgrades to Python brings nineteen applications up-to-date and secure

Version 3.6 of the programming language Python was approaching end of life, and had we continued with that version it would have meant no security fixes and no formal support from our 3rd party vendor.

This project firstly identified all applications that were running a version of Python that was nearing end of life, and then, subsequently, those applications were upgraded to a new more recent, supportable and secure version of Python.

Our initial analysis work involved retrieving information from our Configuration Management Database tool ABACUS. This identified 28 applications that were running an older version of Python (3.6). Through our analysis work and collaboration with other teams in the University, it was agreed that 9 of those 28 applications identified would have Python upgraded as part of other projects running across the University.

Therefore, in the scope of this project we had 19 Applications to upgrade to the new Python version of 3.8. The upgrades and the testing of these had to be carefully planned around business area availability but they were all gradually achieved and the relevant applications are now all up to date and secure and supported.

Django, which is a web framework using Python also needed to have its versions upgraded as part of this project so that it would be compatible with the new Python version 3.8 so the project also undertook that change as well.