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Update Keeps Reporting Software Fit and Healthy

Software used by staff in the Occupational Health Service to report and record staff health records has received an upgrade to improve reporting.

The occupational health software eOPAS used by the University has been successfully been upgraded to the latest available version. 

Occupational Health Software

Staff in the Occupational Health Service use this effective and industry-leading software to assist in management of services and confidential health records, with the added benefit of using eOPAS as an extensive reporting tool. Occupational Health staff, part of the Health and Safety Department, will be able to extract data easily from this updated version of eOPAS, which Civica have designed t

o give organisations “greater insights into the underlying causes of work-related health issues.”  

It was important to the Health and Safety department that a streamlined and standardised approach was found to carry out a yearly upgrade of the software. Alongside establishing a new process; due to making a distinction between the previous project undertaken which involved the transfer of existing information to a new platform, and the need for this project as a regular upgrade requirement, the cost of making these upgrades was effectively reduced.  

With clear requirements and quick decision making from the Project Business Owner and Lead, coupled with dedicated effort from the individuals involved from Apps Production, Technology Management, Apps Development and People & Money - this project delivered all the planned outcomes.

– Gail RedfordProject Manager