Health & Safety Department

Covid-19 Update

Covid 19 has brought unprecedented and rapid change to our work and home life. The health and safety of staff and students has been central to the changes at the University which have been made in line with advice from the Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland. 

University staff across all Colleges and Professional Services have been managing and supporting these changes. The  detail on the implementation of these changes is provided on  the main Covid-19 site.   We are working to ensure that all issues are addressed, with input from relevant staff.

The Health and Safety Department continues to manage the University’s Covid 19 mailbox which provides a route for all staff and students to raise any questions and get a response from colleagues in Health and Safety, Human Resources and Student Services. Please contact if you have any specific questions or queries.

Further information for all staff:


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Health and safety training provided for staff and students by the Health and Safety Department. Training available includes face to face training on first aid, biological, fire and radiation safety, as well as online training packages.

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Guidance and advice on general health and safety issues, such as working in offices, working with hazardous substances, travel or transport,  personal protective equipment, which may affect University staff and students.

Safety roles

Guidance and resources available from the Health and Safety Department to assist staff in fulfilling their health and safety responsibilities.

Policy / codes of practice

The University Health and Safety Policy, Framework (Organisation and Arrangements) and supporting Codes of Practice.

Policy and guidance

Model templates, generic risk assessments and checklists to assist schools etc. to comply with Health and Safety legislation