Health & Safety Department

Safety Responsibilities

Many staff within the wider University community also have, in conjunction with their ‘normal’ roles, a health and safety function to perform.

This section details these responsibilities and lists the available guidance and resources available from the Health and Safety Department to assist staff in carrying out those roles successfully.

Heads of School

Heads of School, and managers of other equivalent autonomous units, are responsible, through Heads of College, to the University Court for the management of health and safety matters within the area of the University under their control.


Health and Safety guidance on recruitment

School / Area Safety Advisers

The School Safety Adviser is concerned with the day-to-day safety organisation within their school or building.

Principal Investigators and supervisors

Principal Investigators and supervisors have responsibility for the health and safety of staff and students in their research groups.

Local health and safety committees

Local health and safety committees should be appointed to oversee specific health and safety issues within a school or management unit.

Multi occupancy building user groups

Buildings which are jointly occupied by different Schools and units should establish a Multi Occupancy Building User Group (MOBUG) to oversee fire safety and other building related issues.

First Aiders

First Aid is the skilled provision of treatment for a casualty, using the facilities and materials available while awaiting the arrival of qualified medical assistance.

Fire Stewards and Coordinators

We rely on volunteers to take responsibility for fire safety in particular areas and guidance can be found on the Fire Safety Unit sub-site.

Fire Stewards and Coordinators

Radiation Protection and Laser Supervisors

Radiation Protection Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the local rules are complied with. School Laser Supervisors are responsible for the supervision of laser operations within the school. Guidance can be found on the Radiation Protection Unit sub-site.

Radiation Protection and Laser Supervisors

Biosafety and GM Safety Officers

Biological safety responsibilities in Schools and Laboratories and guidance can be found on the Biosafety Unit sub-site.

Biological safety responsibilities