Information Services

Major Infrastructure projects completed

Disaster Recovery for Priority Services and Service Resilience Capability projects completed

INF119 Service Resilience Capability  - this project looked at applications where the database is agnostic, allowing the database to be moved for patching and maintenance. The database can be moved quickly without the application being affected. In general more availability for services such as WIKI and MyEd for use during planned infrastructure maintenance work. The resilience for priority services has been reviewed and as part the project investigations into use of VMWare SRM has inferred a way forward for a future projects to introduce a new Stretched Metro Cluster.


INF120 Disaster Recovery for Priority Services - this project has put in place a regular review of IS Applications Disaster Recovery Plans. This will ensure that we have DR plans in place for each priority systems. The project delivered a shared document repository which can be built up annually collaborating with other ISG areas.