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Integration of STACK and Learn started

A new project is under way to further develop the integration between STACK and Learn to make STACK available to all STEM subjects across the institution without additional manual overhead.

STACK (System for Teaching Assessment using a Computer Algebra Kernel) is a highly sophisticated online assessment system created and managed by Professor Chris Sangwin in the School of Mathematics. STACK is amongst the most advanced online assessment systems for mathematics and is used by almost all universities in Finland as well as the Open University. It currently supports two Mathematics courses at the University of Edinburgh.

STACK has been designed specifically for mathematics and STEM subjects based on open source Moodle quiz technology. STACK goes well beyond relying on multiple choice and requires students to enter an answer which is a mathematical expression. It automatically establishes the objective properties of such expressions and provides feedback. It therefore supports formative and summative assessment.

This project aims to provide a sustainable and robust integration between STACK and Learn to make STACK available to all Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects across the institution, should they wish to adopt it, without additional manual overhead. The project should be complete by mid-June.

For further details, please contact Karen Beggs – Tel: 0131 651 7286/Email: or Prof Chris Sangwin – Tel: 0131 650 5966/Email: