Information Services

New system for improved Risk Management

A new risk management system is being implemented to better assist risk owners across the University, as part of a current project.

After a successful procurement process, the new SaaS Risk Management system is being implemented to enable corporate Risk Owners across the university to add and manage their risks, as well as assign and track related timestamped actions and allow the University's Risk Manager to have visibility of these risks. 

This new system will replace the existing process of maintaining and managing risks, such as using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

The new system, called 4Risk, is supplied by the company RSM Risk Assurance Services.

It is envisaged that the new system will be rolled out across the University after the start of the term in September 2020. The new system also offers many benefits, such as providing a more supportable risk management system, an application which is complaint with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and a reduction in the use of paper-based processes.

The new system will also be more user-friendly than the current use of Excel, and users will be able to access the application from multiple locations, including remote access capability where appropriate.

Information Services Applications Directorate played a crucial important role in the project, helping define the key functional requirements, identifying potential vendors, running the bid and procurement, and coordinating consultation with specialists such as Legal Services, IT Security, and the University’s Accessibility office, and will help pilot the new system to guide user roll-out in September

Chris MacLeanUniversity Risk Manager