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Improved applications process delivered for staff and students

A recent project has designed a new postgraduate applications system, focused on benefits for staff and students.

The improved system comes in light of increases in the number of postgraduate applicants to the University, with an increase of 116% in applicants to the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences alone.

The project took a benefits-led approach to the design, meaning that the needs of staff and student users and improvements which would benefit them were the focus throughout. This led to many realised benefits, including saving staff 805 hours of work annually, faster loading times for users and a simpler, clearer notification system for applicants.

By improving how the University communicates with applicants, misleading messages which had previously led to confusion or applications to be submitted incorrectly are no longer sent by applicants, which reduces the risk to the University reputation posed by a negative application experience.

For further information about the project, read the recent blog post on the IS Applications Directorate Blog.


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