Information Services

Push for leaner energy consumption

A project to determine the strategic direction the Estates Department will need to record energy consumption in the University has just been completed.

Utility costs across the University have been growing exponentially due to rapid organic growth across the University. In line with the University's commitment to implement sustainable and environmentally-friendly policies, there is a need to improve relative energy efficiency.

Project EST087 assessed systems to provided the required energy-related analytics for both the Estates Department, and consumers of energy throughout the University. In arriving at the recommendation to upgrade the existing automatic meter reading; monitoring and targeting systems, an independent review was undertaken to review and understand

  • Stakeholder aspirations for the future
  • Existing systems and associated workflows with regards to inputs, outputs and required processing
  • Potential systems in the marketplace
  • The capability of current and potential systems to deliver the business requirements
  • The metering capability across the University

A subsequent project will now implement the relevant system upgrades.