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Clearing 2017 Project Underway

The University will be part of UCAS clearing again this year and this project will support the University's work in this area.

 Clearing 2017 (USG006) is a new project which has been developed to support Student Recruitment and Admissions and the College UG Admissions Offices to enter UCAS clearing again this year with places being available to prospective students from Scotland, the rest of the UK (rUK), and overseas. 

Clearing is for applicants who have not yet secured a place at university, or who have a place but wish to apply to another university.

The scope of the project includes the support and delivery of technical and telecommunication infrastructure to support the clearing call centre on 8th August and 17th August.  

To be eligible to be considered for the Scottish widening access places, potential students must reside permanently in Scotland in an area within the 'Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation' 20% most disadvantaged areas, or 'SIMD20', for short. A SIMD20 online checker to enable applicants to check to see if they are eligible to be considered for a place in Scottish Clearing was developed and rolled out as part of the project. 

The benefits the project hope to bring include:

  • UoE is well positioned to deal with Clearing which has subsequent financial and institutional benefits.
  • The administrative burden of handling clearing students is reduced improving efficiency in affected administrative areas.
  • Prospective students applying through clearing will have had a smooth experience that will enhance the institutions reputation.

The project brief is now available on the USG006 website and provides an overview of the project.