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EUCLID performance improvements

EUCLID performance improvements project achieves 25% quicker page load times

The project has achieved the following:

  • An increase in performance of 25% for UG admissions over the previous version - this has resulted in greater user satisfaction and productivity.
  • Installation of devices across five university sites to measure the admission performance at each location. Network performance can now be monitored at each site, and actions taken accordingly.

For further information on this project, please see the closure report at


“Ongoing performance issues have been proving challenging for colleagues working with EUCLID, particularly at peak periods in the cycle.  These periods of “go slow” would result in backlogs of work with little answer as to what the root cause was.  The installation of devices across the business to allow monitoring of performance combined with additional system improvements identified by users has resulted in an enhanced user experience for colleagues across the University”

Head of Recruitment & Admissions, College of Science and Engineering


The achievements in this project have subsequently resulted in another project which is also addressing performance issues with the Direct Admissions applications, details are available here: