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Our recent project to roll out the latest version of buildings control applications has been successfully completed.

As part of the on-going requirement for the Estates department to monitor and manage building environments, there was a requirement to review the new Building Energy Management System (BEMS) provided by one of the existing suppliers, Schneider. The project scope was to implement a fully operational instance of the Schneider BEMS system- Struxureware to enable the Energy controls engineers to fully evaluate the product and observe the interactions with the current Schneider BEMS Sigma system. This evaluation was centred around Pfeffermill

The project has delivered a robust resilient environment that can support all operational activities at the primary site and provide the ability to failover over to the secondary site if required.  

The Struxureware project successfully delivered all of the above

This will provide the Estates Energy department the ability to utilise Struxureware as part of their longer term Building Energy Management strategy


For information regarding the project can be found

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