Information Services

Future proofing our work

Starting in November, teams in IS Applications will be working with our business partners to identify projects that are eligible for centrally allocated funds as part of our 3-year planning cycle. This work is for the 2017/18 to 2019/20 round.

For 2017-20, the resources allocated to IS Applications through core University funding (flat cash) will only allow us to work on compliance projects. Our planning process this year is therefore focused on prioritising the use of our centrally funded resources for essential compliance work and to make appropriate resource provision for work that is to be directly funded by our business partners.

Through the 2017-20 planning process we will:

  • Confirm the IT systems compliance needs of the University and review progress on previously committed work
  • Identify work potentially required within the ring-fenced resources allocated to the Colleges and to the Student Systems Partnership
  • Identify IT and business change work that will be funded directly by project sponsors

As in previous years the IT Planning Process will be led by the Portfolio and Programme Managers in Project Services.

For more information please visit the following web page: